Architectural Rendering & 3D Modeling

1. What kind of design do you do?
I specialize in creating interior and exterior architectural visualizations and architectural designs from your blueprints, schematics, drawings or sketches. I also create all types of 3d assets, organic and hard-surface, such as: characters, monsters, animals, vehicles, jewelry, etc. Most of my projects are for illustrations and photo-realistic renderings used in print media or on the web, however, I also design and create assets and animations for games, film, TV and the web. If you are looking for any type of 3d asset or visualization, please call me to discuss the project and we can decide how to best bring your idea to reality.

2. What makes you unique?
I have over 20 Years of experience in construction, both as a carpenter and as a General Contractor; and over 6 years in 3D; so I am acutely aware of the the intricacies that go into making a photo-realistic rendering of any given building. As someone that has actual hands-on experience in the field reading blueprints and then implementing them to create an actual real-world structure, you can rest assured that there is no one that will give you the same attention to detail and as accurate a final product as I will.

3. What kind of clients do you have?
My clients are anyone from the home owner, thinking of putting a new set of cabinets in the kitchen or remodeling the bathroom; to the property developer that needs a marketing brochure for his new condominium that hasn’t even broke ground yet, and everyone in between; to the 3D Effects House that doesn’t have the manpower to do that one last special effect and needs a reliable outsource partner.

4. How much do you charge?
Due to the varying scope and complexities of many 3D design, visualization and/or animation projects, there is no way to even guess how much your particular project may cost. This question will become easier to answer after a brief one-on-one consultation.

5. What kind of business relationship will we have?
Whether you are a home owner in need of interior or exterior design work, the owner of a huge construction company or the technical director of a major animation studio, as a small boutique studio it is my goal to offer each and every one of my clients a personal touch.

6. How do I pay you?
I accept Check, Electronic Funds Transfer, and PayPal.  Please make checks out to “Exactek”.

7. How long have you been in business?
I have been working in Autodesk Maya since 2007 and am certified with AutoCad since 2012, however, I only started ExacteK as a company in  May of 2014.

8. Where are you located, and what are your hours?
ExacteK is located in beautiful downtown Tel Aviv, Israel, however, I am available by phone at 727.474.4077 during US Eastern Hours of 7am-7pm Monday through Thursday and Friday through Sunday via email to info @ .